A Red Dress in the Woods

This painting is the first very large canvas piece I’ve taken on. At 5 feet tall it was a daunting project, but in the end it has become my favorite piece to date. Trying to capture the quiet patience of this forest spirit was difficult, but trying to convey the texture of velvet, or ofContinue reading “A Red Dress in the Woods”

Murder fish. 

This killer whale is waiting for you to jump off your boat to cool off with a nice swim. I bet you’d be a delicious addition to her well balanced orca diet. To be fair, you’re probably killing all the seals by dumping your nasty plastic garbage in the ocean, so you’re fair game forContinue reading “Murder fish. “

Help me fix my motorcycle!

very recently, an unknown jerk tried to steal my beloved motorcycle from my parking garage. They managed to hotwire it badly, which in turn caused it to catch fire, which in turn caused it to no longer work.  This is a big expensive bummer.         To raise funds to fix my beautiful bikeContinue reading “Help me fix my motorcycle!”