Born on a small farm to a Mennonite family, Kayla started out life tending to animals, riding horses, and spending time with her family, who conveniently all lived on the same property (classic Mennonites, lol.)

As exciting as that was, at 16 Kayla chose to leave behind the luxurious trappings of farm life to become a dirty travelling hobo. For five years she journeyed around north America and beyond, engaging in such glamorous activities as; hitchhiking, dumpster diving, playing instruments outside of liquor store for spare change, not having baths etc.

Eventually her whirlwind adventures led her to vancouver, where the expensive costs of housing and lactose free ice cream forced her to get a job and take a bath. Smelling wonderful for the first time in years lead Kayla to make a variety of talented new friends who inspired Kayla to grow roots in vancouver and get in touch with her creative side.

With no training or previous experience and little to no sense in general she decided she would start painting with acrylics. Her early works have been described as “awful,” and “not pleasant to look at.” But through five more years of daily practice and perseverance Kayla’s colourful, nature based art can only be described as “visually tolerable.” Kayla now spends her time buying motorcycles that don’t work, painting in her east vancouver home studio, and bathing a moderate amount.

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