The eye of the Tiger

All done! I am so very excited to share these finished portraits with you all!! They were so much fun to paint and I’m very thankful to Jado for trusting me with this super cool commision. These were a bit outside my usual wheelhouse, but as soon as he approached me with the idea, I could see the finished portraits in my mind and I knew I had to take this project on and give it my best shot. Go check out these paintings at their new home at @thebelvederebarbershop on the sunshine coast and get a sweet haircut while you’re at it. Also a huge thank you to @officialslystallone and @officialipitythefool for being such inspiring/handsome subject matter. I hope these paintings inspire everyone to chase their dreams, be the best they can be and rewatch Rocky 3. I pity the fool who doesnt.

Published by Kayla Katastrophe

Vancouver based acrylic painter.

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