A Religious Pidgeon

So while I was in Seattle, I was having super wierd, restless dreams. I woke up one night at 3am from what must have been a nightmare, I was sweaty, confused and tangled in my sheets. I didnt remember where I was and the room was unfamiliar. I forgot the dream instantly so I’ll never know what it was that scared me, but as reality flooded back and I realized I was safe in my hotel room, two words popped into my mind that were tottaly unrelated to anything: “Religion Pidgeon.”

It made me laugh and I wrote it down on the post it beside my bed and fell back asleep. It kept making me laugh the rest of the week so I finally painted it. Here is a Religion Pidgeon.
Not sure if it is up for sale or if I want to keep it yet, so message me if you are interested.

Acrylic on canvas 18″×24″

Published by Kayla Katastrophe

Vancouver based acrylic painter.

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