Fire Eater

“Fire Eater”
Acrylic on canvas
4ft x 5ft

First off, im so stoked on this painting. A massive thank you to @lucykg for posing for this painting, and to @light.drifter for capturing these amazing shots. Check out more of this shoot on his page.

So, two weeks ago I was camping somewhere north of Whistler, in what ended up being the worst part of the forest fire smoke. The landscape surrounding us was just completely swallowed up. It was so eerie being halfway up a mountain, and not being able to see the top or the bottom. The sun turned bright red and then disappeared altogether, as it got choked out by the smoke. I came back to vancouver and was inspired to make this, and also super thankful we missed the worst of the smoke this year.

Also, for the first time ever I am going to be selling prints of this painting! From affordable high quality paper prints, to framed or stretched canvas prints. Please message me if you’re interested in purchasing a print of this piece, or any of my skull headed ladies!

Published by Kayla Katastrophe

Vancouver based acrylic painter.

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