What the fox?

Look how handsome and introspective this fox is. Think about all the time you could spend thinking about what he’s thinking about if you had him in your house. Buy him. Love him. Think about him.

Update: this little guy was actually stolen from my last art show. Somewhere in the shuffle of moving my collection from one venue to another he just disappeared. I’m not even mad. I’m kind of stoked someone thought he was worthy of theft. Huge compliment. Maybe this was the first in a long trail of art heists for our thief. My art may have inspired change in the world. Even if it was for the worse. You go art theif

Acrylic on canvas 16″x20″

Published by Kayla Katastrophe

Vancouver based acrylic painter.

One thought on “What the fox?

  1. Hi Kayla, What IS he thinking? He really is a handsome fellow, you just keep on getting more talented. Love all of your work! Love you to the moon and back Papa and Nana!


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