Today I say goodbye to my Granettie. To me, Granettie is a familiar word, so it always surprised me when people had no idea what it meant. simple phrases such as “I spent a lovely weekend with my Granettie” or “I’m going to go to Dairy Queen with my Granettie and Granpaul” have been consistently met with looks of utter bewilderment. What on Earth is a Granettie. A question I’ve heard about a  thousand times. I soon learned that nobody else knew what a Granettie was. Mostly based on the simple fact that no one else had one. There was only one. It’s a word that’s hard to define, not only because it’s made up, but because it describes so much. 

       A Granettie is someone who can remember the names, schedules and daily activities of at least 38 people at once. A Granettie is someone who values quality and tradition, things that must be held onto and passed on, or lost forever. A Granettie is someone who tells you not to play with her expensive mirror but then smiles and brushes your hair when she catches you doing it anyway. A Granettie is someone who  always puts the hopes and dreams of others before anything else and genuinely wants everyone to succeed. A Granettie is someone who doesn’t let simple things like age or health get in the way of a busy schedule. A Granettie is someone who values honesty and frank discussion more than you’d expect. A Granettie is strong willed, opinionated, and sets for herself and her family, a high standard . A Granettie is someone whose faith is so unshakable it ignites a spark in everyone around her. A Granettie embodies generosity above all else. A Granettie always somehow managed to look fantastic. A Granettie is a strong Mennonite woman with a rebellious streak and an extensive brooch collection. 

       Growing up, I would always give the short definition to curious enquirers: a Granettie is my papas mom. But like most simple definitions, it fails to convey the true enormity of the term.         

        A Granettie is someone who loved God and her family more than anything else.  And a Granettie is loved greatly, and will be deeply missed by everyone who knew her.

Published by Kayla Katastrophe

Vancouver based acrylic painter.

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