Help me fix my motorcycle!

very recently, an unknown jerk tried to steal my beloved motorcycle from my parking garage. They managed to hotwire it badly, which in turn caused it to catch fire, which in turn caused it to no longer work.  This is a big expensive bummer. 

       To raise funds to fix my beautiful bike I’m going to be offering 50$ custom paintings on records. Anything you can think of, painted to the best of my ability for fifty bucks. Want a picture of your cat in space? Fifty bucks. A painting of a beautiful sunset to give your mom? Fifty bucks. A realistic painting of giant spiders eating your enemy? Talk to someone else. I’m not that good. But I’ll paint your cat in space!

So if you love motorcycles, cheap art, or just me, send me a message and together we will make my motorcycle live again! Thank you!!! 

Published by Kayla Katastrophe

Vancouver based acrylic painter.

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